Der Kauf und die Benutzung unserer Produkte ist nur für Personen ab 18 Jahren bestimmt.


Benutzen Sie das Produkt nur mit äusserster Vorsicht, wenn Sie an einer Lungenerkrankung (z.B. Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis, Lungenentzündung) leiden. Der freigesetzte Nebel kann bei vorgeschädigter Lunge unter Umständen einen Asthmaanfall, Luftnot und Hustenanfälle auslösen. Verwenden Sie das Produkt nicht, wenn eines dieser Symptome bei Ihnen auftritt!
Bei elektronischen Zigaretten findet kein Verbrennungsprozess statt, so dass eine Vielzahl von giftigen, krebserregenden und suchterzeugenden Schadstoffen wegfällt.
Aber auch das Rauchen der elektronischen Zigaretten ist schädlich, da sie Nikotin enthalten können. Nikotin ist schädlich für Herz und Kreislauf und kann einen Herzinfarkt verursachen.

Smoking commencement by teenagers has been broke down by financial experts as a decision reflecting costs, tastes, and abstract assessment of the long haul dangers of compulsion and illness. What is absent from this record is the way that smoking is a social action and subject to friend impact. Friends may fill in as a wellspring of data regarding why and how to smoke, and how to get cigarettes. Friends likewise fill in as a group of people, watching and assessing others' conduct. That assessment is interceded by the long relationship in pop culture among smoking and an assortment of qualities prized by young people. Like decision of design in hair and attire, body penetrating, comportment, etc, smoking by young people implies data about personality. Realizing that, the choice of whether to smoke is halfway a choice of what character to extend. Smoking has for quite some time been connected in pop culture to such traits as self-rule, dismissal of standard qualities, modernity, and being "cool." These social connections are no uncertainty reinforced for teenagers by the way that smoking is illicit for those under 18, prohibited by numerous schools, disapproved of by grown-ups, and known to be possibly destructive. While these properties make smoking increasingly appealing to numerous teenagers, it is likewise evident according to expert paper which you can find if navigate to this web-site with professional writers that smoking sends a sign of being off track in school that would by and large be seen by friends as negative. What befuddles this straightforward record is our finding that a parallel action, drinking, isn't prescient of school dropout - in spite of the way that its transient result is very like smoking. In the event that pre-adult choices about wellbeing related practices are commonly guided by worry for the future, at that point for what reason doesn't immature drinking pursue a similar example as smoking? That odd discovering opens the entryway to different sorts of clarification, including societal position concerns. (While financial analysts might be awkward with this line of clarification, social clinicians would acknowledge status affectability as a crucial of human instinct.) When it comes to societal position, both the expenses and advantages of smoking are prompt yet contrast among people as indicated by whether they would somehow or another be seen by companions as being on track to school, and whether they are in truth on track. We recommend that the choice to smoke is being driven to some degree by the way that young people know about the messages it passes on to their companions.

Falls Sie allergisch auf einen der Inhaltssoffe reagieren, dürfen Sie das Produkt nicht benutzen. Die von uns verwendeten Depots enthalten als potentielle Allergene Propylenglykol (PG) und Linalool.
Elektronische Zigaretten sowie Nikotindepots und nikotinhaltige Nachfüllflüssigkeiten (Liquid) sind kein Spielzeug! Bewahren Sie daher das Gerät und die Depotkapseln absolut unzugänglich für Kinder auf!

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